Everything You Wanted To Know About Mattress and Were Afraid To Ask

The perfect mattress is essential for a good night's sleep. But the offer can kill you quickly: spring core or foam? Expensive or cheap! From tape or custom! There are a lot of questions that you have to deal with when buying a mattress. This has some tips for you to help you choose and protect you from spending too much money in mattress houses.

The time factor plays a big role. You should not even buy a mattress in passing and certainly not order it by mail order. Take your time in peace and quiet, even in different shops, and try different models. Check the mattress through its paces: Rotate and contact, set up and down - so you realize whether they feel comfortable in all situations. For orientation: A mattress should recreate the double S-shape of the spine when supine. Lying on the side, the assessment is more difficult, since the body also cannot sink too little not too much, though. Regarding the way thebest-mattress worksthis is important now.

Basically, it is said that hard mattresses are better for heavy and soft mattresses best for petite persons. But since this cannot be generalized and manufacturer information and actual degree of hardness can vary, applies here: test.

Many manufacturers advertise with seven lying areas. However, one should not be impressed: According to the company, three zones are sufficient for shoulder, lumbar and pelvic area, as the differences between the lying areas in the tests was hardly measurable or noticeable.

Are custom made mattresses the best?

Sounds like it's best to make the perfect mattress to measure! The test shows, however, that many mattresses perform better off the rack - and of course much cheaper. This is obviously due to the system of measurement, in which the mattress profiles for a small, light person, with the exception of the foot area, hardly differ from those for a tall, heavy person.

If you have a good mattress, you can save on the slatted frame. A simple model with a lath spacing of four to six centimeters is sufficient. For height-adjustable slatted frames, flexible foam or latex mattresses are best.

A good mattress also wants to be well cared for. Removable and washable covers are a must; in addition, the mattress should be turned regularly. Against increased infestation of dust mites helps the ventilation from below - a bed box is not exactly conducive here.

In the event of a possible wrong decision, you should always agree on a return policy (usually for seven to 30 days), because only after a few nights you can be sure that you have chosen the right mattress - or not. Of course, if you have any problems, such as sleeping pens, persistent unpleasant odors or torn seams, you can complain about the mattress.

Mattress tip for healthy sleep

A healthy sleep is essential for a successful day, and not only experts agree. It should be around six to eight hours at night. For many people, switching off after a long day's work is often not easy, despite the tiredness.

On the one hand, there are a number of external factors to consider, such as simple processes such as early dinners, stress avoidance or a certain feel-good atmosphere, but on the other hand, the bed itself should not be neglected.

Keywords such as the 7-zone mattress, cold foam or box spring bed are repeatedly mentioned in this context, but for many consumers there is still a great deal of uncertainty - which of the many mattress types is really the right one?

The mattress selection

A matching slatted frame, an ergonomic mattress and the selection of the right material - when mattress and bed purchase are known to pay attention to many little things and just for the ignorant, the choice can then backfire quickly. After all, those who prefer to rely on the cheap mattress from the discounter, for example, can already suffer from back pain or a restless and bad sleep after a few years.

Since man spends about one third of his life asleep, the choice of a good bed, however, should be well considered, because only in sleep, the intervertebral discs regenerate, the cells can recover and the psyche processes the experiences of the day in dreams. Sleeping is simply vital to start the day in a relaxed way every day.

A distinction is made between the following mattress models, which can score with individual advantages:

  • gel mattress
  • Cold foam mattress
  • latex mattress
  • Spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress

The fact is: the absolute and ultimate mattress for everyone does not exist, because for an optimal result there are always different conditions. For example, while the pocket spring mattress provides excellent point elasticity and is very eco-friendly, the viscos mattress provides very good stabilization and body adaptation with memory effect. The Bonell, however, offers a long service life and high comfort. It turns out, therefore, that the selection is very individual and should therefore be done wisely.

Often, mattresses are also tested and other institutions - this is something consumers can use. The provider slow explains in his blog, according to which criteria a mattress is tested.

A consultation is accordingly sensible, although this can not necessarily take place as described in the specialty shop, but now also online.

Latex mattresses are offered in two different qualities. They are either made of synthetic rubber or made of natural latex, which is natural rubber. Natural latex is made from foamed milk of the rubber tree, while synthetic rubber is produced from crude oil. There can also be mixed forms. This means that the mattresses consist of 60 percent synthetic rubber and 40 percent natural latex. Colloquially, latex is also called rubber, which refers to the adaptability of latex mattresses.

Otherwise, they are characterized by a good climate balance due to the high air channels in the mattress, which ensure good air circulation. The typical latex mattresses channels are created by the so-called vulcanization. For this, the raw material is heated and then poured into a channeled mold. The latex mattress is covered with a cover. It consists of absorbent materials, for example of wool materials. It may also be so-called tinsel materials, which are obtained in wood production as a cellulosic material.